Fish Markets Melbourne

Why Melbourne loves its fresh fish markets

Melbourne has a special love affair with fish. Our close proximity to the bays and inlets on our expansive coastline means the Melbourne fish markets are always stocked. You only have to walk past one and you can almost still smell the ocean.

But there is another reason why we’re in love with our local fishmongers: the health benefits that eating fish brings. Fish is packed with nutrition that boosts our immune system, energy levels, mental faculties, and even our skin.

Wondering what to have for dinner tonight? Here are some reasons to make it something from the sea.

It’s good for the heart

Fish is a veritable powerfood when it comes to essential nutrients and it’s a fantastic source of protein. Given its richness in omega-3 fatty acids, it has been shown to have positive effects on lowering cholesterol, increasing your circulation, and reducing the risks of stroke and heart failure.

It’s good for the mind

Eating fish has also been shown to have positive effects on your mental health, attention span and sleep. In studies researching the effects on adolescent students, it was found that those who ate fish were able to concentrate longer than those who sourced their protein from other meats.

It’s good for the waistline

Seafood generally contains less than 2% fat, which makes it an ideal source of protein for people looking to lose weight. Fish contains fewer kilojoules than meat or chicken, so it still gives you the energy you need to burn off fat.


It’s good for the bones and joints

Fish is high in vitamin D, which aids in calcium absorption, boosting bone health and growth. The consumption of fish has also been found to reduce swelling in the joints, alleviating the pain and inflammation in those suffering from arthritis. Vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids are also important in fatigue recovery and post-exercise muscle regeneration, meaning they’re the perfect power food for athletes or anyone who works out regularly.


As you can see, fish has health benefits that help the mind and body function at its peak and reduces a wide range of health risks. If you’re looking for something to feed yourself or the family that will have positive effects for days following, fish could be the answer.

Come visit Claringbolds

Claringbolds Seafoods  is one of Prahran Market’s longest running traders, and is a popular go to among the regulars looking for a wide selection of fresh seafood.