Red Emperor

Australia’s varied wildlife is world famous, its fish being no exception: when it comes to the fish that can be caught off of Australia’s waters, there is no doubt that the quality, competition, and taste can rival anywhere else in the world. One of the more impressive and famous fish to come out of Australia’s water comes from the equally known Great Barrier Reef: the Red Emperor Fish. The Red Emperor Fish is a rarity in that it is breathtaking in all of its facets: it has a beautiful colouring, fights hard enough to give even the best sportsman a good time out on the water, and it tastes great in many recipes. A trophy fish in more ways than one, a good Red Emperor Fish is a certain delight if it finds itself on a table for dinner.

At Claringbold’s, we understand how important variety is to our customers, and as a result we do our best to offer the utmost in fish selection in our stalls for both exotic and more close to home tastes. Red Emperor Fish is one of those fish that we strive to keep in stock due to its wonderful texture and flavour, but some customers gloss over it in favour of other fish. They are perhaps put off by not knowing much about the fish, or they have other favourites. The Red Emperor Fish, however, has its own charms to be offered to anyone looking to make it the centrepiece of their next big meal! The Red Emperor Fish has quite a few qualities that people may not know about that make it a definite contender as a staple at your dinner table.

For one, it’s a fish of large size that’s also suitable for filleting, making it ideal for large gatherings or family dinners. As well, it’s a fairly less fatty fish variety than many others, which would most certainly make it a contender for anyone looking to cut calories from their diet while also looking to keep great flavour in their food as well. A nice grilled or barbequed Red Emperor Fish fillet with a generous splash of lime juice is not only a winner on the calorie side, but it tastes great as well. For those of you looking for something a bit more adventurous, however, here are two recipes that you can use for a delightful recipe the next time you’re looking for a great dish to serve at home!

Estouffade Of Red Emperor Fish

This one is a bit of a difficult recipe to make, but it is delicious and perfect to serve at any gathering- the combination of Sauvignon Blanc and the slow-cooked fish juices make for an aromatic treat as well. This is one Red Emperor Fish recipe you’ll be coming back to again and again!


  • 1 kg. potatoes
  • 1 Leek (white part only)
  • 1 stem rosemary
  • 1 kg. Claringbold’s Red Emperor (whole fish)
  • 1 Bouquet Garni (Thyme, bay lead, parsley stalks)
  • 1/2 bottle Sauvignon Blanc
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 100 grams butter
  • 200 grams short pastry
  1. Cut and peel the potatoes, making sure to wash and dry them with a towel.
  2. Take the fillets off the fish, making sure to do so carefully.
  3. Take the fish bones and roast them in 50 grams of butter. Put in the bouquet garni, the seasonings and rosemary, and the Sauvignon Blanc. Add 1/2 litre of water and cook all of it slowly for 45 to 50 minutes.
  4. After 45 to 50 minutes, carefully remove the fish bones from the pot and pass the stock through a chinois. Reduce down to 1/4 litre.
  5. In the casserole, put 50 grams of butter with finely chopped leeks, sliced onions, and a bit of garlic. Cook these for 5 minutes together, ad then add potatoes, seasoning, and a little water. Cook it for a further 10 minutes slowly.
  6. Get a terrine with a well fitted lid (a porcelain one would be best, one that would be appropriate to take to the table and serve). In it, place the potatoes, vegetables, and the four fish fillets as well as the fish juice.
  7. Take the short pastry and seal the lid on all around the edges. Cook at 230 degrees for 15-20 in a hot oven.
  8. Bring the terrine to the table and serve. Cut the pastry from the terrine’s edges in order to more easily pry off the lid- the combination of the fragrance of the Sauvignon Blanc and the cooking juices are sure to be a treat for your guests!

Getting The Best Red Emperor Fish at Claringbold’s

Red Emperor Fish is a great catch that’s delicious on your table- it has an excellent taste and flavour to it, offers an exotic alternative to some of the more ordinary fish you see on the table every day, and is a large enough fish that fillets well- a perfect combination for a family meal! If you’re serving for dinner, it also has some exquisite recipes like the one featured above that let you not only impress your guests but serve them a healthy fish variety that they’re more than likely not accustomed to eating on a regular basis. All of these qualities make a Red Emperor Fish a smart decision when you’re planning your next dinner meal!

So the next time you’re out looking for a fish variety to put on the table in the evening, don’t hesitate- head over to Claringbold’s! We stock only the finest quality fish, freshly caught from trips out to the Great Barrier Reef. Red Emperor Fish has an exquisite recipe and reputation- don’t let yourself down by buying fish that’s old or frozen, robbing it of the wonderful taste it normally has. Head over to Claringbold’s and buy the freshest, most delicious Red Emperor Fish you can find- it will be large and satisfying, and your friends and family will thank you as they sit down at the table and smell those wonderful aromas and take a bite of your great dinner!