Mussel, crab and lamb ball broth

20 prep time

15 cooking time

4 servings

17 ingredients

17 Ingredients:

  • 200g fine lamb mince
  • 1 small eschalots (finely diced)
  • ½ lemon
  • 1 tablespoon continental parsley (chopped fine)
  • To taste salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper
  • 12 black mussels (scrubbed and beards removed)
  • 1 kg blue swimmer crabs (cleaned, chopped and meat separated)
  • 2 tbsp.extra virgin olive oil
  • 1 clove garlic (crushed)
  • 1 small brown onion (sliced fine)
  • 1 small leek (white part only sliced)
  • ½ fennel bulb (sliced)
  • ½ cup dry white wine
  • 1L fish stock
  • 1 tsp saffron threads
  • 2 ripe tomatoes (de-seeded and diced)
  • 2 tbsp parsley (chopped)


Combine together the lamb mince, chopped eschalots, lemon zest, parsley and seasoning. Form into marble size balls and bake for 10 minutes in a pre-heated oven set at 180°C or until cooked. Remove and set aside.

Heat a large deep pan to medium heat and add in the olive oil. Place the garlic in and stir, cooking for 20 seconds. Add in the crab bones, onions, leeks and fennel. Cook on high heat for several minutes stirring well, and then add in the white wine. Stir the pan well, and then add in the stock and saffron.

Bring to a boil, then turn down and allow to simmer for 5 minutes. Pass through a fine strainer, return the broth to the pan and skim away any fats and oils from the surface. Add in the mussels and crab meat, place a lid on the pan and boil for several minutes, until the mussels begin to open.

To serve, place three mussels and several lamb balls onto a bowl plate, add a little diced tomato, then ladle some of the broth and crab meat over the top. Finish with the lemon juice and parsley.